Login & Account details

If you need help or information about your login or account details of PSH, Check our FAQ below to find help for your issue.

Login & Account details

How can I log in to the PSH webshop?

Click on the login button in the upper right corner.
When you didn’t log in to the webshop yet, please validate your account by entering the email, username and password on the right side of the log in screen.


Why can’t I log in to my account?

Go to ‘forgot password’ to request a new password.
If it is still not possible to log in, please contact our sales team.

How can I change my login details?

Login details can be changed by going to your account number in the upper right corner and click on ‘My account’, followed by ‘Settings’.
To change the password, click on the button ‘Request new password’.


Where can I check my account details?

Account details can be checked by going to your account number in the upper right corner and click on ‘My account’.


How to change the language?

Our webshop is available in 11 different languages.
You can select another language by hovering the mouse over the flags in the upper right corner and scrolling between the languages.
Then click on the desired language.












We hope you found help in this FAQ for your questions about your login & account details of PSH.

If not, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.