Airco Compressors

PSH has AC compressors for various applications of the brands Denso and Mahle and are available directly from stock.
Soon we will also add AC compressors from +line to our program.

Air conditioning compressors play a much greater role in hybrid and electric vehicles than in combustion engine vehicles.

Air conditioning service is becoming more important, creating new service volumes for workshops.

Air conditioning compressors are the heart of the refrigerant circuit. They condition the cabin and regulate the temperature of what is probably the most important part of an electric car’s powertrain: the battery. After all, keeping the traction battery at the right temperature has a crucial impact on the lifespan, charging speed and range of the electric car. Traction motors and power electronics must also be cooled. This changes the role of the air conditioning compressor.

While previously responsible for in-cab comfort, it is now a part of the powertrain, protecting against damage and ensuring the operational safety of the vehicle. Electric vehicles must use electrically driven compressors because the circumferential corrugated belt cannot be used as a drive as with an internal combustion engine. But hybrid or combustion engine vehicles also benefit from electrically powered compressors, as they can be used on demand, reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

PSH has various air conditioning compressors in stock from the brands Mahle, Denso, Valeo and +Line


Airco Compressor Manual