Spare parts

PSH offers a wide range of spare parts from our own +line private label but also from other brands like INA, ZEN, NSK and JTEKT.

Recently we have expanded our range of starter and alternator replacement parts of the brand +line. The different parts are fully interchangeable with the parts of both OE units and those of +line.

As with the +line starters and alternators, the parts are developed and produced according to strict requirements and under our supervision, which leads to a quality product with very competitive prices. All replacement parts can now be found in our renewed webshop under different article numbers or by searching on the article number of the starter or alternator.


  • 20+ years experience
  • Purchase/quality office and warehouse in Shanghai
  • Direct contact with manufacturers
  • Supplier of Private Label for major automotive brands

Starter motor parts

PSH Code

Armature 062
Brush Holder 063
Pinion 060
Solenoids 054
Yoke 076


Alternator parts

PSH Code

Pulley 051
Rectifier 053
Regulator 052
Rotor 072
Stator 050



PSH is distributor of KOYO Ball Bearings for the automotive industry and distributes the ball bearings on a massive scale at home and abroad.

We supply ball bearings which are executed in C3 size, and equipped with grease K7. This fat has as a positive attribute; it retains its lubricating properties to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Find all ball bearings with the PSH number 055.000.0**



Pos Service Holland also has all kinds of different (free) wheel pulleys in stock of top quality brand names like INA and ZEN.

Non popular references are available upon request and normally do not take a long delivery time. All pulleys can be found in the webshop using the number 051.000.***


Pos Service Holland recently expanded their stock of regulators. These regulators consists of pure copper contacts or silver tin oxide.

The insulation is made of high-grade thermosetting plastic. All these materials together guarantee a long service life. For a complete overview of all our regulators, please visit our webshop and search on the PSH code starting with 052.000.***


PSH has a stock of various connectors for the most common car alternators.  These connectors can easily replace the old and broken ones to get the alternator operating again.

Article No. PSH code Discription
VP-001 021.100.990 Plug Set
VP-002 021.100.991 Plug Set


Article No. PSH code Discription
VP-100 021.100.163 Daewoo
VP-101 021.100.164 Volkswagen
VP-102 021.100.165 Chrysler
VP-103 021.100.166 Opel
VP-104 021.100.167 BMW
VP-105 021.100.168 Ford/Volvo
VP-106 021.100.169 Toyota
VP-107 021.100.170 Hitachi 2-polig
VP-108 021.100.171 Hitachi
VP-109 021.100.172 ND 4 pol
VP-110 021.100.173 24V 5pol.
VP-111 021.100.174 Hitachi 3 pin round
VP-112 021.100.175 Hitachi 4 pin round
VP-113 021.100.176 Delco 4 pin new
VP-114 021.100.177 Renault Old Type
VP-115 021.100.178 Renault new Com type
VP-116 021.100.179 Honda Denso
VP-117 021.100.180 Chrysler
VP-118 021.100.181 Mitsubishi Chrysler
VP-119 021.100.182 Valeo ST