Searching & Article Specs

If you need  help or information about searching or article specifications of PSH, Check our FAQ below to find help for your issue.

Searching & Article Specifications

How to search for an article in the webshop?

Enter a reference number in the search bar.
When you are at another screen, you can bring up the search bar again by hovering the mouse over the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.
You can start the search by hitting enter or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the search bar.

On which references can I search in the webshop

Searching can be done with different article references or even a part of the reference.
In addition, you can search on OEM (original) article reference, data supplier reference, PSH reference and when submitted, even your own reference.
When the reference is not completely visible on the article anymore, you can enter a part of the reference or replace one of the missing
digits with a *.
For example: D*RA110.

I don’t see any search results. What happened?

Please check your search term on typos.
Please use another article reference.

If you don’t have another reference, you may be able to cross the article reference on another data platform, like TecDoc, Aldoc, Lester, etc. or contact our sales team.

How to check if an article is in stock?

The availability of an article is indicated by a traffic light.
O = Sufficient articles in stock

O = A maximum of 3 articles in stock
O = Not in stock
O = The article is in stock in another PSH subsidiary

If the desired article is not in stock, you can click on ‘Alternatives’ to find interchangeable articles. Please make sure if the differences with the original article are manageable for the application (vehicle) which it is used on.

PSH has the most extensive stocks for every product group and if the desired article is not in stock, please contact our sales team and we will make every effort to supply it for you within a reasonable period of time.

How to see more specification of an article?

When you are at the search results, you can click on one of the articles to see more specifications. Scroll down on the article screen to see all details.

Where can I see the brand of an article?

The logo of the brand is displayed with the articles.
You can also find the brand in the description of the article.

Can I check for spare parts of a specific article?

You can search for spare parts by setting the slider at the top of the page to ‘Parts’.
Searching can be done with spare parts references or with the references of the complete article.


Can I set filters to narrow the search results?

Yes, filters can be set to narrow the search results. This can be done by clicking on the filter logo at the top of the page. Filters that can be used are: Manufacturer (brand), product group, stock status and sales items.

We have our own article numbers, where can I find them?

When you have your own article numbers, you can see, add and change them on the specification field at the article page.



We hope you found help in this FAQ for your questions about searching and article specifications of PSH. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.