3. Ordering:

3.1 How can I add an article to my shopping cart?
When you are at the search results, you can add articles to the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart button in the bottom right corner of the desired article.
When you are at the article page of the desired article, you find the shopping cart button at the right side of the screen.

3.2 How to change the quantity of articles I want to order?
The order quantity can be changed by clicking on the + or – buttons next to the shopping cart. You can also type in the desired quantity.
When the article is already added to the shopping cart, the order quantity can still be changed at the shopping cart screen, using the same +/- button or type in the quantity manually.

3.3 How to delete something from the shopping cart?
Articles can be deleted from the shopping cart by clicking on the X at the bottom right corner of each article. If you wish to delete the entire content of the shopping cart, this can be done by clicking on the button ‘Delete shopping cart’ at the bottom of the page.

3.4 What to do when there is an unavailable product in the shopping cart?
When placing an item in the shopping cart, it is not yet reserved. With items with little
stock, it can occasionally happen that another customer places their order just ahead of you and the article is no longer available.
When this happens, a message will appear at the shopping cart screen asking you to remove this item.
If you still want the article, you can search for another brand, an alternative or you can contact our sales team.

3.5 The article I wanted to order is not in stock, what can I do?
PSH has the most extensive stocks for every product group. If an item is not in stock, please consider another brand, an interchangeable alternative article or contact our sales team.
We will make every effort to supply it for you within a reasonable period of time. 

3.6 From which PSH subsidiary should I order?
In order to receive your order as quickly as possible and at the lowest shipping rates, we recommend ordering from the PSH branch where you are registered.
If the desired item is not in stock there, you can also place your order at one of our other branches.
The delivery time and freight costs will be visible in the shopping cart.

3.7 Can I change the delivery address?
Yes, it is possible to change the delivery address, simply by entering the delivery address in the address field at the shopping cart screen or by selecting one of the known delivery addresses at the drop-down menu.
We also offer the option of forwarding the order directly to your customer. If you want to use this, we kindly ask you to check the address details and add a telephone number of the recipient for the carrier.
You can also select the box ‘other delivery address’. We will then not include a packing slip with our details in the shipment.
If you want to change the main delivery address(es), for instance because your company will move to a new location, please send an email with the new details to [email protected]

3.8 My address is not recognized, how is this possible?
Please check you’re your address. The place field should only contain the place and no other details like county/province.
If you entered another address, for instance your customers’, you can try to check the address using google.
If the address is still not recognized, please contact us by sending an email to our transport department, [email protected]

3.9 How much shipping costs do I pay?
The amount of the shipping costs depends on various factors, such as type of service, location, dimensions and weight of the shipment, possible surcharges, etc.
When you need to pay shipping costs with your order, the amount will be visible in the shopping cart.

3.10 Where can I find and accept the delivery terms?
Our general terms and conditions (delivery terms) are available in several languages. A link to our general terms and conditions can be found at the end of the order overview in the shopping cart and are also available on our website.