All our products are available in our extensive webshop. Each unit features a wide range of reference numbers, comprehensive and up-to-date information, and all units are displayed with a 360° rotatable HTML image – providing everything you need to make an informed decision. Do you have other questions? Our trained experts are ready to assist you at any time.

Need something highly specific? Our engineers can develop a customized solution tailored to your needs.


We are committed to providing excellent customer service. That’s why all our valued customers have access to a dedicated account manager who supports them in their own language – whether that’s via phone, email, WhatsApp or any other communication method that suits them.

We’re here to swiftly respond to inquiries, requests or issues and are dedicated to assisting in finding suitable solutions.


With our APIs, we lay the groundwork for seamless data exchange between systems. This allows you to benefit from direct connections to all major IT platforms such as TECCOM, TECDOC, ABISCO, ETAI, ALDOC and many others. This not only provides convenience and speed but also accuracy and reliability in managing orders, obtaining real-time information on prices and availability, and streamlining operational processes.

We provide everything to automate your customer experience as much as possible.

Additional Services


For wholesalers and purchasing groups, PSH delivers products under private labels. From repackaging to customized unit engravings, all with the same guaranteed quality as our +Line range.



We not only provide comprehensive data and specification sheets, but also a range of 360° images, all readily available for use in any way you need them.


Browse through our webshop and have your units shipped from any of our warehouses, at the time and to the location you prefer. Whether it’s the next day or next week, to your address or directly to your customer.

Naturally, we continue to expand our services...

For a streamlined customer experience.