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Welcome at PSH's Core Division!
Pos Service Holland Starter Motors and Alternators meet the requirements for the automotive branche. PSH have branches in Holland, Spain, South-Africa and China and offices in Belgium and Germany. ...More...

Pos Service Holland heeft kwaliteits Starters en Dynamo's voor de automotive branche. PSH beschikt over vestigingen in Nederland, Spanje, Zuid-Afrika en China en is kantoorhoudend in Belgie en Duitsland.... Lees meer...

Since 2004 Pos Service Holland has its own cores division, which specializes in used starters motors and alternators. These units are thoroughly inspected and supplied to repair shops.

What are cores?
In our branch with Cores, we mean the second hand starter motors and alternators.

Normally these units cannot be mounted anymore on a vehicle directly, but must be first inspected and, if necessary, be fully rebuilt. Also several useable parts are disassembled and re-used on incomplete starters and alternators.

In our core department these units will be checked first on the possibility of recycling and then they are distributed globally for re-use.
By this PSH also tries, focusing on public policy, to contribute to a resolution to the environmental problem. In other words: prevention of environmental pollution and increase environmental awareness in the public interest.

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PSH Cores Division Is Relocated!
As of September 1st, 2014 , our cores department is relocated next to our head office in ‘s-Graveland, Holland. This will improve logistics process so your order can leave the same day or can be combined with your order at our head office.

MOTOPLAT Equipment
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PSH Cores Division
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